Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday 13--My List of Give Up's

After losing 96 pounds in 8 months I thought I would post a list of "Give Up's".

1.  After losing 96 lbs, I have given up being afraid of what the doctor will say to me when I go in for a checkup.
2. I have given up several of my pants sizes and had the opportunity to switch over from the plus size stores/departments and can now shop in just about any store I want to shop in.
3. I have successfully given up supporting the soda industry and enjoy drinking water everyday. 
4. I've given up hours of watching TV a day, and instead workout, find healthy recipes....just enjoy life to the fullest instead of being a couch-potato.
5. I've given up feeling alone in my weight loss journey to having lots of friends who support me on a daily basis. 
6. I've given up a future of potential diseases and immobility for an improved health outlook and the ability to do things for myself. I ditched immobility for my love of walking and working out.
7.  I've given up "mom" jeans for skinny Jeans.
8. I have given up feeling lazy, sad, unmotivated and moody for being Happy, healthy, a doer, and excited about life!
9.  I have give up eating everything in eating everything in moderation. I don't deprive myself.
10. I have given up feeling ashamed about how I look.  Now I walk with pride.
11. I have given up my 277 pound body for my 180 pound body----for the time being (still have 36 pounds to loose).
12. I have given up not throwing everything into my grocery cart....instead I read labels and take time to learn about the food that goes into my mouth.
13. I have given up the Guilt.  The guilt of not being able to keep up with my four great kids.  Now, I can keep up with them, chase them, play catch, run after them.....they are the lights of my life!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone.  And take a moment of the day to do just one thing for yourself!


Jamie said...

Wow that is amazing! Congratulations on such a great victory. Being able to keep up with the kids is not only great for you but for them as well and they know that Mommy really does want to play with them. I gave up the "mom jeans" years ago but I am still left with the dreaded "muffin top". I plan on getting an exercise bike very soon that way I can try and lose some weight myself. Keep up the great work and you are an inspiration to us all!!

I am Harriet said...

Losing nearly 100 pounds is truly admirable. Nice work!

Have a great day!

wendy said...


Brenda ND said...

Wow, you inspire me! Keep on going and please keep us posted. :)

Alice Audrey said...

So many great things to give up.

Wow, you lost a lot of weight fast!! Major congrats!

My list is here

Pearl said...

(hm, it hiccupped. not sure if that went thru.)

wow, what a major body change in under a year. a huge difference in moment to moment habits and moods.

JO said...

Congratulations!!! I am in the process of trying to lose weight too and so far I've lost 15 lbs. Still got 15 more lbs to lose.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It sounds like you've made some great changes in your life and it's worked so well for you.

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