Monday, January 31, 2011

Got 2B Root Boosting Spray...Review

And thickening non-aerosol hairspray Review!  I gotta tell ya, I just love BOTH of these!  I have super thin and super fine hair.  I was looking for a new hairspray and noticed this at my local Walgreens.  The hairspray is a travel size.  I wanted a hairspray that would let my hair flow but still retain it's shape.  This does that.  No more mommy dos (ponytails) for me now that I have found this.

The root-boosting spray is also just as awesome.  I can't even feel them in my hair.  Yet I can see the difference from when I don't use them and then when I do.  I can't wait to try more of their products for fine/thin hair!  The two together I paid $4.99 for and also got back a $2.00 register reward to use on my next Walgreens purchase.

If you have fine, thin, dry, fly away hair...I highly recommend these products.

For a little bonus today...a few days ago I posted my Nana's Banana Pudding recipe on my recipe blog...

I hope you all are had a fabulous day. 
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