Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~*Shopping~*Shopping~*Shopping*~Day 1

Hey Guys!
  Last night before the snow hit my area, my daughter and I did some shopping.  And my husband and I went back out again today.
  Thought I would show you what I got. Some where pretty good deals.
 First Stop:  One of my favorite places to shop....Kohl's.
  I wanted to pick up a couple of things.  The Sunglasses and the Christmas Bear Gift Set.  And that is what I did.
 Relic Sunglasses!  I just love these and the picture really doesn't do them justice.  A couple of nights ago, I went onto Kohl's Website..They have NONE of their Relic Sunglasses advertised online.  Mine are called Walpole 1 in Silver.  Original price was $26.00.  I paid $19.50. I saved $6.50.  Not the best savings...I will take it.

Also picked up the Christmas Gift Bear Set!  I picked up two this time...and when I got home I wished I had got one more for my Grandma Dixie!  Originally these were $12.00 each.  I got them for $2.50 each.  Paying only $5 for both. Saving $19.00.

I also picked up some cute Simply Vera Vera Bradley Flip Flops!  I really like her line of clothing at Kohl's.  Best thing is that I can actually fit into them.
I paid $4.40 for them.  Saving $17.60!  They are really cute on.

Next was Dollar Tree!  I love going into Dollar Tree.  You just never know what they are going to have.  I bought some of the cutest wrapping paper for Christmas there a few weeks ago. Of Course, Everything in the Dollar tree is a buck.

I bought a basket for my closet to put things in.  A spiral cupcake Note Book and The Bra Clips-I have been wanting to try those out for a long time.  I thought for a buck....Why not!

Onto Target!  I have been looking for a smaller wallet for a while and just haven't found anything that I liked.   That is until I looked at this wallet.
It is so neat how it opens up.
I paid $7.99 for it.  It is compact which is what I wanted.  While there I also found a little purse that I absolutely love.  It was on sale for $7.95, last one. I snatched it up.
I know it is a Gold color.  But I like it.  I also know that it is small.  When I go out without my kids I like to carry a smaller handbag.  A bigger one when I have the kids with me.

That concludes Day one of my shopping Haul.  I will post what I got today-Tomorrow.

I hope everyone has had a fabulous day.  Tomorrow is another snow day for my kids.
Take Care!


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