Sunday, January 23, 2011

*~*~*~Sweet Deals~*~*~*

Hey Guys!
  I absolutely love finding good deals.  I do use coupons but have become slack in using them because I have all my focus on my weight loss.  I am going to try to pick up more in using my coupons.
  Yesterday, when my daughter and I went out shopping.  I did purchase two things.  I was good believe me.  I could have walked out of Kohl's with a whole lot of junk stuff.
  We were browsing around there handbags, scarfs, jewelry, and seasonal items when we came across a pair of flip flops.  I picked them up and they were my size!  They were the only pair left.  Before I started loosing weight.  My foot was a size 11.  Now it is a 9 and a half.  I just HAD to get them.
  Please ignore my toe nails!  I need to redo them.  
The best thing is that I got them 90% off!  I only paid $1.80 for them.
Then I looked through what was left of their Christmas items.  And it was not much.  However, they did have quite a few of these little guys left.  
I only picked up one.  I am going to go back sometime this next week and pick up a few more if they still have them.  I am going to use them as teacher gifts next year for my little boy's teachers.
I only paid $2.50 for it. The other's that they had left was a panda bear, and one that was in a small gift bag.  They all were $2.50.  They had more of the panda bears left than anything.
Total Saved: $26.20!!!

I can't wait to go back.  They had a pair of Relic Sunglasses that I almost picked up and now I am wishing I would have.  I am going to see if they still have them when I go back...if they do....I am going to get them!

I hope you all have a fabulous day!
Take Care!


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